Saturday, July 2, 2011

LESSON 2 – An Overview: Educational Technology 2

         Education needs to utilize and enhance its functions by making use of this technological advancements.  Students learn faster, assignments made easier and studying more interesting thru the use of computers and the internet.  School administrators, department heads and other persons in supervisory positions can avail of this information technology to enhance their functions.  Professional and student teachers therefore will be greatly helped by this co

         Educational Technology 2 is a new course in the education curriculum which has to come about from the need to adapt to a changing world.  The need for information and knowledge before was provided by the books, print media, radio, and later the television.  Now, so much advancement has been made in the field of technology.  We are now living in a world of computers, internet, laptops, cellphones, ipad and other technological inventions.urse because they will be given the training and skills to use technology and its inventions as a tool for teaching and self-improvement.


1. Many college students are presently required to take Computer courses including word processing (Microsoft Office), spreadsheet preparation (Excel), presentation techniques (PowerPoint), etc.  How do you think this will help  application of skilss needed in Educational Technology 2?

Answer:  This will help application of skills needed in Educational Technology 2 because this are the basic programs/software that is going to be used in the Ed. Tech. 2 subject.

2. From those who have done internet surfing/searching/reading, what do the Websites offer users?

Answer:  For me,  INFORMATION is what the Websites offers to those who have done internet surfing, searching and reading.

3. Do you think there are enough websites for educational purposes?  Do you think there are many users of educational websites?

Answer:  Yes, there are enough websites for educational purposes.  You just have to search it or ask someone who knows about this websites.  For now its very rare to see somebody using or visiting these sights.  But I am very sure that it will increase as people get educated about the importance of these websites.


  1. Integration of the technology is the primary purpose of the educational technology.It can provide the future educators the literacy they needed.How to do it the right way that it can help in the teaching and learning process.But the sad reality is that not all schools that offers education courses can train enough the individual deeply,it's still depends on the availability of the technology in the areas.

  2. @ Ralph Dominic, Thanks for the comment. Yes, that's the main problem with our country right now. The educational system is very poor and the availability of the technology is another problem. We don't have enough equipment and man power for such courses.

  3. Make a ladderized diagram like a stair way with summary words of the learning objectives of edtec2 course. 6 stepz / ladderz

  4. may i know where can i buy this book online ?

  5. Is there a lot of user of educatiobal website?