Wednesday, July 13, 2011

LESSON 10 – The Computer as a Tutor

        In the classroom the teacher is the person who is responsible for the learning process to take place.  He follows a set of instructions and objectives on how it should be done.  Sometimes, students cannot keep up with the classroom activities especially if classes are large and individual attention cannot be given to each one.  This is where the computer is put to good use.  It acts as a classroom tutor wherein it helps the student keep pace with the learning process taking the place of the teacher when further instruction or activities needed.  This is known as computer-assisted instruction.  However, educators must provide the proper technological facilities and include the needed skills to be given to students so the can fully utilize the use of the computer to help them learn their lessons by themselves.


  1. This is great post reminding people that the computer today is more than just a tool. It allows teaching and learning to reach a wider audience. Users can now "Google" practically anything they need to learn or research. YouTube contains thousands of How-To videos and tutorials to make understanding concepts easier to understand visually. Good stuff here.

    -Danny D.

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  3. Hi Sir GO! I would like to ask your permission to copy your post and cite your blog entitled Educational Technology 2 to be used for my Computer-Aided Instruction in Educational Technology 2.
    Thank You in advance. :)