Monday, July 25, 2011

Lesson 16 – The Internet and Education

            The invention of the computer and the subsequent software programmed for its use has totally changed the whole concept of progress and communication.  Every part of the world can now be reached and contact with other persons where ever they are can be done through the internet.  The internet is the system that enables the user of a computer to gain access to whatever he needs be it for information, for communication, for business or for personal reasons.  Missing relatives can even be found thru the internet by using different search and social sites.  How much more for the field of education; the internet has become its partner in the ever changing learning process.  Students can interact with students in foreign countries, they can share information, learn and grow with each other.  They can search any topic and subject they want to research.  The globe becomes smaller and its inhabitants become closer and relations between countries are improved and strengthened.  

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