Saturday, July 2, 2011

LESSON 1 – A Review of Educational Technology 1

               We are already in a modern world or computer world.  It is like everything is just a push of a button.  So as education, it should also improve or keep up with the trend.  The educators should be atleast be aware and equipped to use educational technology tools ranging from traditional to modern education media.  That is why the Educational Technology 1 course is very perfect to them.  The Educational Technology 1 course or ET-1 course has showed the 4 phases of application of educational technology in teaching and learning, namely; a) setting of learning objectives b) designing specific learning experiences c) evaluating the effectiveness of the learning experiences d) revision as needed of the whole teaching-learning process, or elements of it, for further improving future instructional activities.  

                For me, I really agree on the course Educational Educational Technology 1.  Until now, I still wonder why we qualifiers are not required to take up this subject before taking-up Educational Technology 2.  It is very important for us to take-up this subject.  So that we may able to teach our students the modern way.  We should the computer and other equipment.  But like most technology advancement, there is also a disadvantage or dangers of dehumanization which technology brings into societies, such as through ideological propaganda, pornography and financial fraud.  It is the job of the teachers and educators to discourage and stop the exploitative use of technology.


1. Discuss the display in educational technology advancement in schools of industrialized First World counry (such as the U.S., England, Japan, Singapore, Australia) and a still develoing country, namely the Philippines.

Answer:  The main reason of disparity between the Industrialized First World country and still developing country like the Philippines is the technological advancement.  Then other reason is not schools especially the public schools in the Philippines have computers and access to modern technology.

2. Given the lack of resources in our rural areas in the Philippines, what media can still be used for effective learning in schools?

Answer:  We can use other visual aids like posters, charts, illlustrations, pictures and drawings as a substitute for the lack resources.  The print media like news paper and magazines because they do not need the use of electricity.  You can even let the students go out of the classroom and go to the actual object.  For example, you are discussing about the parts of the leaves.  You can go to the garden of the school and disccus there.

3. Computer shops are pervasive around schools, but these are mainly used for playing games.  Without judging on the possibly dehumanaizing effects of excessive computer game habits, how can a learner best use computer resources as they may be available in schools or at home?

Answer:  The learner should use the computer for information needed on their assignment or homework.  They can use the internet and surf for much information on all subject.  They should use the computer as a kind of libarary from which they can get references.  They should regard the computer as a kind of library.  So instead of going to the library you can just use the computer and internet.


  1. Thank you so much for this blog. As a teacher of this subject your blog will help me a lot through out this subject. More power and God Bless you :)

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