Wednesday, July 13, 2011

LESSON 12 – Information Technology in Support of Student-Centered Learning

        In todays modern world of highly urbanized societies and economic progressive countries the main focus of education has shifted from the teacher to the student.  To compete globally with other cultures and communities, students must learn to be independent, creative, self-reliant and resourceful to be able to mold themselves and be successful in their chosen careers, professional and personal lives.  From a teacher-centered process, learning has evolved into a student-centered activity.  From the traditional method of teacher to student transfer of information, it has changed to teacher guiding and facilitating students to gather information and knowledge by themselves thru the use of the computer and its varied techlogical aspects.  Of course, this new educational pattern can only be observed in well-off countries where the educational system has a very large budget and can afford to install all modern information technological devices in their schools.  In the so called third world countries which unfortunately includes our own country - Philippines, the traditional method of teacher focused learning prevails.  In fact the bare necessities of a classroom, desks and chairs are often lacking..!

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