Monday, July 25, 2011

Lesson 14 – The Software as an Educational Resource

            In the use of modern information technology as a part of the learning process, the teacher must possess or has acquired the needed skills to evaluate the best hardware and software to install in the school.  What can easily be seen and appreciated is the computer itself, its design, memory capacity, video card, monitor/screen and other visible qualities.  However, what is more important is the software.  The choice of material or program to be installed as the main operating system which students can use as a source of information, and a tool for accomplishing assignments, group work or projects.  Terms such as windows, programs, graphics, download, internet and other pertinent technological words should be part of the teachers vocabulary and appreciation.  What should be foremost however on the choice of software to use is that it should be current or updated and has a wide scope of educational resources for students to tap or use.

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